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[DVD] Té (Te') - ZNRV Shibuya O-nest 2007

Té,una de las bandas de Math-Post/rock más populares en Japón,reconocidos por sus temas con gran impacto energético y compases e intervalos cruzados y muy técnicos,con material lanzado en vivo y en estudio netamente en japones, resulta un poco dificil de poder encontrar algo de este grupo en la web.Toman una base de post-rock de sonido e inyectan una gran cantidad de agresiones de fuego en él para hacer un sonido único y totalmente poderosa y accesible.

Sin más los dejo con esta obra.

Nombre: Té - "ZNRV-001-Shibuya O-nest 2007"
Peso: 1.33 Gb
Formato: DVDrip
Host: Mediafire/10upload


01.-It must be called "Intelligence" if people stop when they realize they are not able to become what they are wishing to be.
02.-A thought would never let people "watch" what they choose. Instead, it let them see what they hope to see.
03.-Those who play using word are not in the talent, it is "only" there's memory.
04.-Also love and faith "keep" up with a daily small deed.
05.-If there is no word which tells sound, beautiful melody does not "keep" in mind.
06.-Daredevil is child of ignorance & mean and it is "inferior" to other qualification.
07.-There is something "sad" sound when you knock the deep part of the soul by voice.
08.-Avarice would speak with every word, it "acts" every part and it even pretends to be not avaricious.
09.-You can not "call" anyone happy, if you do not had been any trouble. (new album)
10.-Existence" of eloquence is only in a look of people's face that remain silence, and it even beats any kind of words.
11.- We promise with a view to hope, but the reason to "accomplish" what we promised would be fear.
12.-Just to kill a disagreeable thing. Is it "human's" thing to do? Just to kill a hateful thing. Doesn't it call it "human"?
13.-shitou, yuei, shifun, kandon, kouyou, taimei, kanthin, yuryoku, hisshi, bouzin.


Parte 1
Parte 2
Parte 3
Parte 4
Parte 5
Parte 6
Parte 7
Parte 8
Parte 9
Parte 10
Parte 11
Parte 12
Parte 13
Parte 14
Parte 15

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